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Holiday Hustle is Back!

Our biggest event of the year is back! From December 15th to January 4th, take part in the Rocket Rumble Holiday Hustle event! It's our biggest and longest event of the year and we cant wait to share it with you!

Collect Candy

Earn candy canes during the event by participating in online Quick Play matches and by grabbing them on the track! Candy can be redeemed for exclusive holiday rewards in the Rocket Rumble shop!

Holiday Missions

For a limited time, complete holiday themed missions to grab awesome holiday loot!

Exclusive Holiday Goodies

Deck the halls, and your racers with exclusive holiday gear, only available during the event! Earn brand new cosmetics for your characters and profile, plus have a chance to earn some of the items you might have missed during last year's Holiday Hustle event!

and many, many more...

It's Time to Decorate

You might notice there's a little extra holiday cheer in Rocket Rumble! All of our tracks have received a holiday makeover! Christmas trees in space? We're into it!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season this year!

-Rocket Rumble Team

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