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2022: Rewind

It's officially 2023 and we've been doing some reflecting on this past year! Rocket Rumble has come a long way since last New Years and with tons happening on the horizon, we thought we'd look back at our journey in 2022! New Year, New Logo 2022 came with a brand new Logo for the game! It's bright and fun and we think it's a huge improvement from our previous logo!

Seasonal Events This past year came with 3 in game events where players collect candy and trade them in for exclusive rewards in the Rocket Rumble shop! Rewards include accessories for your characters and your Rocket Rumble profile! "Love Struck" (Valentines event) - Feb 2022 "Harrowing Halloween" (Halloween event) - October 2022 "Holiday Hustle" (Winter event) - December 2022 Both Harrowing Halloween and Holiday Hustle included the possibility to grab 2021's seasonal loot as well as brand new holiday exclusives! You can check out the stream from our latest event here:

First Birthday! Rocket Rumble celebrated it's first birthday this past year on August 3rd and what a difference a year can make! We were really excited with our progress for that short amount of time! In-Person Events This past year, we were fortunate enough to be able to attend some in-person events and conventions! DreamHack Dallas: We had an absolute blast in Texas! So many kind folks came by the Rocket Rumble booth and we had a great time with all of you!

Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto: Back in early July we headed off to Toronto for the Pocket Gamer Connects Conference! Especially after Covid, it was an awesome change to chat and exchange feedback with other developers - some of which we hadn’t seen in years and some we’d only met online prior to this!

Gamescom Cologne: Going to Gamescom was like a dream come true! Even though the airline lost our tradeshow luggage and it was a nightmare trying to get it back, we met so many amazing developers and gamers from all over the world and would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Tokyo Game Show: By far the furthest we've taken Rocket Rumble, TGS was an absolutely incredible experience! Our team had so much fun in Japan meeting gamers and other developers, and we would definitely love to head there again in the future!

ISNS Game Showcase at Halcon: Our producer is originally from Halifax NS and maintains a close relationship to the game development community there, so we were included in the ISNS Game Showcase at Halcon! This amazing showcase was to highlight work from Nova Scotian developers and it was a ton of fun!

Day of the Devs: We were honoured to be included in this year's Day of the Devs in San Francisco in California! It was the event's 10th anniversary and with around 70 games involved, it was an amazing time!

Online Events Rocket Rumble was also fortunate enough to be included in a number of online festivals and events in 2022! Indie Live Expo GLITCH Future of Play Direct Hand Eye Society Super Festival Steam Racing Fest Ontario Creates - Play the North DreamHack Beyond Devgamm Gamedev Showcase Game Development World Championship We're so excited to say we placed 4th in June (2022) in the Game Development World Championship! A lot of this was thanks to your votes, so from everyone on the Rocket Rumble team, thank you!

New Streamers We're pleased to say we had several new streamers join our Ambassadors program in 2022! You can check them all out on our website!

Improvements Rocket Rumble saw a number of updates in 2022! From new UI and VFX to tracks being altered and changed, we're really focused on creating the best user experience! By popular demand, we also included a brand new powerup (the "Sugar Rush")

Voice Actors One of the most exciting changes for Rocket Rumble in 2022 was the addition of voice actors. Bark and meow to your heart's content now that each character comes to life with their own "voices"! What's coming in 2023.. We're so excited for this upcoming year! The most exciting news is Rocket Rumble is coming out of Early Access (TBD). We're so close to the end of development and we can't wait to share the finished project with all of you! The full launch will include: Consoles New tracks New characters Updated menus New music More cosmetic items More profile items and more! Since it's a brand new year, be sure to grab this year's New Years headband in the Rocket Rumble shop with code: HAPPY2023

2022 was an incredible year and we can't wait to share more of Rocket Rumble's progress as we reach the final stage of development! See you at the start line, -Rocket Rumble Team


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