• Straight Shooter

    Toss is forward or back to attack or hit other items. Hold it behind to defend!

  • Go Home!

    Works like the green disk, but finds a leading player! Can be dodged with some skill.

  • Baby don't hurt me

    Projects players from damage, also adds a bit of pep to your checks.

  • Bobby

    Toss it, place it, hold it. Just don't be close when someone touches it.

  • Bommbox

    Toss the pack in the air and cause a huge shockwave that blast players and items away!

  • It sucks

    It's like a vacuum bomb. Well if vacuums blew up and sent everything flying in the air.

  • Get over here!

    Lasso a player ahead of you and slam them back behind you!

  • Hya!

    It's not safe to go alone! Take this and slap players and items around!

  • Leaving on a jet

    Falling behind? Take a ride on the wild side and blast through..well everything!

  • Kinda a big deal

    Jump in the air, shoot the ground and enlarge all other players. 

  • Higher, Further, Faster

    Take a bit and gain some cosmic powers for a short time. Blast away the world!

  • It aint over

    More items coming for new seasons!


  • Tip Top

    Hats, horns, hair, and "checks notes" plants? Really, anything can be a hat.

  • Bows and Bling

    So many things can go around a neck! Scarves, bows, bow ties, ties with bows on them.

  • Not just staches

    Noses are perfect for decorations. Staches, rings, other noses, and more!

  • Looking good!

    Protect those peepers! Glasses, masks and other ridiculous things!

  • Be proud

    Wear a badge to show off achievements, support or just cool shapes.

  • It's called fashion

    All space suits are made for patterns. Soo many to choose from!

  • Show them off!

    No point in having amazing space suits if you cant paint them!

  • Customs

    Animals can unlock unique and custom designs too!

  • Represent

    Customize your profile border. Pick the perfect frame for your personality!

  • Decorate

    Banners are also nice. How about one with pizza on it?

  • Zoom in style

    Now you can go fast and look amazing too!

  • Its a zoo over here!

    Love dogs? Unlock more dogs!!


  • Smooth Riding

    The asteroid field is a beginner's track but not without its hazards. Avoid spinning machines, flying asteroids, and the dreaded smahsers.

  • The Surliest Factory

    An asteroid processing plant run by surly robots. Avoid the surly robots, traverse conveyor belts and survive the magma blasts!

  • Lightspeed Action

    An homage to a previous PixelNAUTS game. LOST ORBIT is fast and unforgiving. Hold on to your nose decor!

  • Archnophobia

    Speed your way through a lush and vibrant forest. Blast through waterfalls, avoid rockslides and watch out for the protector of the forest. The mighty Arachnid Queen!

  • Lightspeed Action

    Race next to a massive black hole sucking up a water planet. Blast through floating water pockets, avoid flying debris and deal with gravitational fluctuations. 

  • Lightspeed Action

    Race down rushing river rapids and through mountainsides landscapes. Watch out for rolling logs, sharp rocks and the mighty mountain bear!

  • Lightspeed Action

    An homage to a previous PixelNAUTS game. LOST ORBIT is fast and unforgiving. Hold on to your nose decor!

  • Darkness Lurks

    A deep-water track filled with glowing monsters, currents, and volcanic eruptions. Avoid grabby octopi, bitty critters, and other deep-sea creatures.


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