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OUT NOW on PS5, Xbox and Steam.

Coming soon to Nintendo Switch! 

About Rocket Rumble

Rocket Rumble combines the best parts of party racing games and combines them with fast paced action brawling games! Join a charming cast of rocket powered animal racers as they bash, smash and race their way to victory! Collect points for crossing checkpoints and dealing damage while trying to knock your rivals off the track!

Play online or on the couch with 1-4 players!

RR Gameplay Footage (800 × 450 px) (1).gif

Racing Brawler

  • Smash your opponents into dangerous obstacles! 

  • Navigate fun obstacle courses!

  • Attack and defend with strategic items! 

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Obstacle Courses

  • Race on 4 twisted and wild tracks with more coming soon!

  • Blast your way through Asteroid Fields, Lush Forests, Pirate Strongholds and more! 

  • Use ramps, boosters, bouncers, and other track features to get a leg up on the competition! 

  • Never have the same race twice with procedurally generated obstacles! 

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Single-Screen Action

  • Play online or on the couch!

  • Gain points for being the first to hit a checkpoint or defeating players!

  • You’re never out of the action for long with respawns at every checkpoint! 



Tons of Customizations

  • Select from a full cast of 8 furry with 4 currently and more on the way!

  • Jazz up your characters with tons of accessories and custom paint jobs! 

  • Customizable items, tracks, and more!

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