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Rocket Rumble is the racing party game! Combining the best parts of combat racing and fast-paced action fighting games, Rocket Rumble is a 2-4 player party game where a charming cast of animals in rocket suits smash and bash their way across the finish line. Rocket Rumble features single-screen, online multiplayer, and action-packed combat across 9 different obstacle courses.

Combat Racing

  • Smash your opponents into dangerous obstacles! 

  • Navigate deadly tracks! 

  • Attack and defend with strategic items! 

Single-Screen Action

  • Gain points for being the first to hit a checkpoint! 

  • Gain points for killing, lose points for dying.

  • You’re never out of the action for long with respawns at every checkpoint! 


Sci-Fi Scenery

  • Race on 9 twisted and wild tracks! 

  • Blast your way through Asteroid Fields, Star Forests, Intergalactic Starship Battles & Space Reefs! 

  • Use ramps, boosters, bouncers, and other track features to get a leg up on the competition! 


Tons of Customizations

  • Select from a cast of 8 furry and feathered characters! 

  • Jazz up your characters with tons of accessories and custom paint jobs! 

  • Customizable items, tracks, and more!

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