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September Dev Blog

Hey Rocket Rumblers!

As we continue on our path to full release, we're keen to share what we've been working on! It's been a busy few months and we've accomplished a lot!

A New Look!

Rocket Rumble now has a brand new look on Steam! Check out our new cover art:

We also got a brand new icon! So be sure to look for image in your Steam library!

New Content Creators

We have over 40 content creators in our Ambassador Program. You can see *most* of them on our website! There's still some more to be added to this page, coming soon! Be sure to keep them on your radar for our launch because they'll have goodies to give away!


We recently had the opportunity to go to Cologne Germany for Gamescom 2022! Although we were delayed by a whole 24 hours and they lost our luggage with all of our tradeshow goodies, we had an amazing time! We got to meet a ton of amazing people including some very talented developers and we were so fortunate so many folks wanted to stop by our booth and check out Rocket Rumble! We had a blast watching everyone play!

The top score of the weekend was 177! Think you can beat it? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!

You can read about our full Gamescom experience with all of the ups and downs in our last blog post!

New Levels

Gamescom attendees were among the first to get to check out our Indie Circuit track! This level is one of our shortest, but it's action-packed! We took inspiration from classic car racing circuits so this level has obstacles in the form of pylons, tires, and other items you might find on a racetrack! It also has changing weather, from sun to snow to rain, and features graffiti and signs from some of our favorite studios and content creators!

Tokyo Game Show

We were also excited to be able to attend this year's Tokyo Game Show! Our team had a ton of fun bringing Rocket Rumble to Japan and seeing all the other amazing games at the convention!

We did find a few little bugs while we were at these conventions, so once those are sorted we'll be able to share the track with all of you! So keep a look out for this track coming in the future!

We're also working on changes to the score screen and the menus, so stay tuned for more updates, coming soon!

See you at the start line,

-Rocket Rumble Team

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