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November Dev Blog

We've been working on some BIG things! New Demo

We recently released a demo version of Rocket Rumble! Now you can try out the game with limited features, for free! Featuring one character and 3 missions, demo players can queue for online matches or try out the tutorial! Our Halloween even has ended!

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made our Harrowing Halloween event a success! We loved seeing players earn the Halloween exclusives and we can't wait to keep building on in-game events in the future ! After finishing up our Harrowing Halloween event, we've been working towards our next big update - coming later this month! A brand new track is on the way!

Introducing Holo Night: Our newest neon themed track! Avoid all-new holographic obstacles while you race through this synthwave inspired world! Featuring neon pillars and tiered ramps, this track is the first of several new worlds in the works! New Cosmetics!

With this new track, we'll be releasing a ton of new holo-themed customization items for your characters! New badges, hats, ties and more are on the way! A Holiday event is coming in December!

We can't spill too much just yet, but we have a new event on the way! It'll feature new holiday themed cosmetics and profile customizations, plus we've been working a brand new feature that we can't wait to share! More coming soon! Stay tuned! -Rocket Rumble Team

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