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Neon November

Rocket Rumble just got it's biggest update yet!

Get ready for neon!

Holo Night

Introducing Holo Night; our brand new holographic themed track! Featuring new obstacles, this track will be sure to brighten up your day!

Holo Night currently features one track configuration with procedurally generated variations on the way so there's more to look forward to!

New Items

This update also comes equipped with a TON of new customization items! From funky fluorescent glasses to neon neckwear, there's something for everyone!

Here's a little taste:

New Achievement

For all those achievement hunters, we've got a new one for racing on Holo Night! Earn a Steam achievement and a brand new exclusive item in-game!

New Missions

Our new track comes with a host of brand new missions to complete! Check in daily for new missions to earn coins and cosmetics for your characters!


  • New track (Holo Night)

  • New track related missions

  • New cosmetic items

  • New achievement

  • Track selection shuffle

  • Confirmation box for adding new local players

  • Fixed controller type swapping in Party Manager window

  • Checking players or using the Shockpack to knock players into obstacles and walls now grants points.

We're super excited about this update and we'd love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave your feedback in the form in-game, or join us on Discord!

See you at the start line,

-Rocket Rumble Team

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