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July Dev Blog

Hey Rocket Rumblers!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a blog post, but it’s not because we haven’t been busy! Over these past few months we’ve been working on new tracks, new characters, new power ups and a ton of visual upgrades. Plus we’ve been hitting the road conventions! So strap in - we’ve got a lot to talk about!

New Tracks are in the Works!

We’ve got 4 more tracks in progress on top of the 4 we have now! We won’t share too much just yet but we’re really excited with how they’re turning out! Our Steampunk inspired track is coming along like clockwork and our next 3 tracks are just as exciting!

More Characters are Coming!

We love our faithful cast of animal racers, but we’re excited to say there will be more coming with our full release (TBA). Just like our current cast, new characters will be fully customizable with accessories, suit patterns and all the color options you can imagine!

More Power Ups!

We’ve been working on a brand new power up for Rocket Rumble. We had a lot of feedback asking for a boost item - so consider it in the works! Here’s a little teaser of what’s to come:

A New Look!

You may have seen that we got a brand new logo! We’re really excited with this new branding and we’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know on Discord or Twitter what you think of this big update to our logo!

Plus, we’re in the process of changing some of the menus and UI elements in-game! We won’t spoil too much just yet but we’re confident it will make a big difference to the gameplay!

Hitting the Road..

We’ve been fortunate enough to be included in a few festivals so far this summer! It started with the Indie Live Expo and Glitch Future of Play Direct - 2 online events celebrating indie games. We then hit the road to Dallas and Toronto for DreamHack and Pocket Gamer Connects!

DreamHack Dallas

Back in June, we were off to Dallas in June to bring Rocket Rumble to DreamHack! We had an absolute blast at the convention, meeting a TON of amazing people and getting a ton of great feedback! The best part was getting to see everyone’s game faces while they checked out the game! We managed to grab a few shots:

Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto

Back in early July we headed off to Toronto for the Pocket Gamer Connects Conference! Especially after Covid, it was an awesome change to chat and exchange feedback with other developers - some of which we hadn’t seen in years and some we’d only met online prior to this! We managed to grab a couple shots from this as well:

Sci-Fi on the Rock

We also made a little appearance at this year’s Sci-Fi on the Rock in St. John’s Newfoundland! It’s always awesome when conventions want to support indie game studios so we’re super thankful for the spot! Keep an eye out on our social media for news and updates about upcoming events and conventions!

Game Development World Championship

We're excited to announce we were awarded 4th place for the month of June! This was largely in thanks to everyone who supported and liked our page! You can like our page too and check out the other amazing games involved in the contest by checking out the GDWC Website.

New Content Creators

We're pleased to share we have a ton of new content creators involved with our Ambassador program! Stay tuned for some exciting announcements about that coming soon! If you or someone you know are interested in creating content for Rocket Rumble, send us an email:

We can't wait to share more soon so keep an eye out!

See you at the start line!

-Rocket Rumble Team

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